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Bachelor and Master thesis project

Check out the RESEARCH page to find the different research topics we are currently working on. If you are interested in working on one of these topics for your BEP or MEP, please contact me for the current availability!

Note: for all experimental projects, students will be trained to work safely with radiation and are expected to complete a very short radiation safety course (TMS VRS-D) given at RST for which they will receive an officially recognized certificate. All projects are suitable for students with chemical and/or physical backgrounds.

Courses at BSc and MSc level

I currently teach in the following courses at the faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology. If you have a question related to the course material, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Inleiding ProcesTechnology (IPT, 1st year bachelor MST)

introduction process engineering

This course gives our first year molecular science and technology students a first look in what it means to be a chemical engineer. They learn how to solve elementary problems in process technology using mass- and energy balaces and phase equilibria relationships. The final week is spend on an excursion assignment, where in groups the students look into a real process used to recover more fuel from crude oil, and afterwards get the chance to actually visit one of the refineries!

Research Practicum (RP, 2nd year bachelor TN)

research practicals

Trough research practicals at different research groups, the second year applied physics students get the chance to do a short research project, and subsequently learn skills in writing a report. Our research practicum challenges the students to study the characteristics of two different scintillation detectors (NaI(Tl) and LaBr3(Ce)) in-depth.

Nuclear Chemistry (NC, master course AP and CE)

This course is specifically designed for Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics master students with in interest in Nuclear Chemistry. Starting with the fundamentals, this course covers isotope production, radionuclide generators, the use of radiotracers, and includes some practical experiments in a real radiochemistry lab!

Nuclear Medicine (NM, master course AP, CE and BME)

With students from three different master programs in the TU Delft, Nuclear Medicine has been designed to give our technical students insight in de medical side of nuclear. Lectures cover the basics of NM, featuring a guest lecture from Radboudumc, but the main challenge comes in the form of a case study, where students dive deep into an aspect of Nuclear Medicine and share their findings with the other students during the final presenations.

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