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I serve in the board of the Dutch Young Generation (DYG). The DYG is the Dutch network that aims to promote interest in nuclear technology and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience between DYG members and experts in the nuclear sector. We bring together young employees from the nuclear sector by organizing excursions, workshops and webinars. With about 130 members, a new generation of experts in the Dutch nuclear sector is emerging and this network is steadily expanding. Together we ensure that the sector can grow along with the need for sustainable nuclear technology.

Dutch Young Generation

Reactor tours

When the Hoger Onderwijs Reactor (HOR) is up and running, I enjoy giving guided tours to interested third parties that like to know more about our nuclear reactor and the research we do with it!

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Prometheus is the staff association of the TU Delft. We organize events including workshops, sports, daytrips, trips abroad, theater and concert visits, as well as campus events during the lunch break. As board member of Prometheus, I regularly meet with the other board members to discuss matters such as membership recruitment, promotion, modernization of the membership and event administration, and the activities program.


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The in-house emergency response team of the Reactor Institute Delft, provides first aid and acts quickly in case of a calamity. I'm a proud member of our group of in-house firefighters, where we all do our part in keeping the workplace safe!

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