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We developed a Pre-University Chemistry online open course, which is offered to prospective students who are enrolling in an engineering program that requires chemistry knowledge. In the course they can gain a new perspective on what they learnt in high school, and get a preview of how these topics are covered in university.

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I will be speaking at the Fifth International Conference on Application of Radiotracers and  Energetic Beams in Sciences (ARCEBS-23), which will take place from January 31 - February 05, 2023 in Purulia, India. Hoping to meet some of you there!


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Kernvisie magazine              05-01-2022

The last Kernvisie magazine of 2021 was dedicated to young talent in the nuclear sector. Great to read about the enthusiasm of all these people working in the different nuclear institutes in the Netherlands!

NWO funded VENI research grant


My VENI grant on the development of a nanoparticle-based radionuclide generator was recently granted by NWO. Excited to be starting research on this topic!

For a very nice description of the research, check out this article (pg. 16 and 17) by Kernvisie!

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10 years at the RID


Celebrating having started at the Reactor Institute Delft exactly 10 years ago today!

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Author in the Spotlight


Following my recent review article on Flash Radiotherapy, I have been interviewed for the 'Author in the Spotlight' blog of the International Journal of Radiation Biology.

Interested to read the interview? You can find it here.

Teacher of the Year Nominee


I feel honored to have been nominated for the Teacher of the Year award by the Molecular Science and Technology (MST) and Chemical Engineering (CE) students of the TU Delft! The student association TG made a very nice video introducing the nominees.


Research in VWO exam


Surprised and very excited to see that my PhD research made it to be one of the questions on the Dutch high school final exam in physics! Now all VWO'ers that graduated this year know about the research that we do here at the Reactor Institute Delft 😄. 

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